Retrouvez nous dans différents salons ou événementsThe sprouter and tofu duo was invented in 2005 to simplify sprouting on a daily basis and to render tofu making accessible to all.

Passionated by healthy nutrition as early as the 70’s, Dyane Courchesne was making her own tofu, bread and all sorts of food that could bring a higher nutritional value to the family meals.

In the 2000’s, Dyane was teaching others how to make their own tofu and sprouts. Not finding a tool on the market to make tofu and having tried most sprouting devices that proved inadequate, she consulted her brother and niece who are engineers. From their know-how and ingenuity was born the Passion Santé sprouter.

Designed and manufactured in Québec, the sprouter is based on a reduction of the ecological footprint. Our first sprouter made ten years ago are still as beautiful and performant as the new ones. The recycled and recyclable cardboard package is made without glue and the labels are water printed.

Multifunctional, the Passion Santé sprouter makes sprouting simpler. The opaque plastic the sprouter is made of doesn’t need to be protected from light. The holes being underneath, it doesn’t require to be flipped over to strain the water. Rinsing is so much faster to save some of our precious time. Adapted to the conventional size of marketed tofu, the sprouter will amaze you with all his multiple features in the kitchen.

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Caroline Pomerleau
Caroline Pomerleau

Having been passed the torch in 2015, it is my great pleasure to share with you my Passion for health.